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2018 Hip Hop Albums

2018 has already had some great hip hop albums!
Here are my favourite albums so far!

Title: Care for Me

Artist: Saba

Best Rhyme: "I got angels runnin' 'way, I got demons huntin' me"

Title: Kids See Ghosts

Artist: Kids See Ghosts (Cudi + Ye)

Best Rhyme: "I don't feel pain anymore. Guess what, baby? I feel free"

Title: Veteran

Artist: Jpegmafia

Best Rhyme: "Peggy, where you been at? Getting all this promo"

Title: Daytona

Artist: Pusha T

Best Rhyme: "If You Know You Know"

Title: Ye

Artist: Kanye West

Best Rhyme: "Let me hit it raw like fuck the outcome. Ayy, none of us'd be here without cum"