Julyan Davey
Supporting the emergence of life affirming, transformative cultures.

Tech Bio

I love learning new things! So one day I decided to learn how to code and now I'm a Full Stack Engineer specializing in Javascript. Particularly NodeJs and React.

I've worked for two startups so far in my career and really love working in a small team with a big mission.

Technologies I've used in the past

Advanced Knowledge of:

  • Javascript
  • NodeJs
  • React (Particularly server side rendered applications)
  • Webpack
  • GraphQL
  • MySQL
  • AWS (Particularly EC2, ECS, SQS and Cloudwatch)
  • Docker
  • C#
  • ASP.net Web Applications

Some Knowledge of:

  • C
  • Python (using Django and Flask)
  • Ruby (using Rails and Jekyll)
  • PHP (including Wordpress Themes)
  • Other Databases (PostgreSQL, SQLLite, MongoDB)
  • Other things I've used before:

    • HTML5
    • CSS3 (including SASS, POSTCSS and CSS Modules)
    • git (including git flow)
    • Unix/Linux + Apache + nginx
    • Continuous Integratrion (Jenkins, Team City, Codeship)
    • RESTful APIs (microservices architectures)
    • Fan of Test Driven Development.
    • Like working in startups that use agile methods like sprints, kanban and scrum.
    • Live in Vim

    Previous Projects


    NearSt is a startup dedicated to getting people back to the high street. They aim to make it faster and easier for shoppers to buy from high street stores than order online.

    I worked for NearSt as a full stack engineer from Nov 2016 until Jan 2018.

    During this time I:

    • Led the XP Team that built NearSt's consumer websites and apps.
    • Incrementally rebuilt the entire front end architecture in React whilst maintaining the legacy website's uptime.
    • Introduced GraphQL to the company and helped setup a microservices architecture.
    • Described by the CEO as a "learning and doing machine"


    LOVESPACE is the UKs largest by-the-box storage startup aiming to disrupt the self-storage industry.

    I worked for LOVESPACE as an engineer in 2015.

    During this time I:

    • Worked on transitioning the code base towards a microservices approach.
    • Built a Restful API using C# and ASP.net for an Android Application.
    • Compiled Data Reports on KPIs + Customer Profiles and analysed them with the CEO.

    The News Explained

    Also in 2015, I cofounded The News Explained with Tom McGivan. TNE is a collection of articles to help the general public understand the complex subjects of the modern world. This combined my love for current affairs (I studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at University) with Web Design and Development.

    This project really shows off my web design skills. But it also required some programming in PHP and creation of a wordpress theme.


    Tzundoku was an idea I had at university to create a website where users could create lists of their favourite things.

    For example: "Top 10 Matt Damon Films" or "Top 10 Barbers in London".

    • Created using Flask (a really great, lightweight python framework)
    • Learnt how to run a LAMP stack and do Continuous Integration with Jekyll

    The code for this project can be found on github here

    Project Anmo

    Project Anmo is a fun project I developed with a friend to learn Ruby on Rails. It started as a simple todo list. But then we added an algorithm in C (for performance) to "auto generate" the list.

    The code for this project is also on github here.

    Other Work

    Contracted to build a website for Manx Biodiversity in 2015.

    julyandavey.com is built by me using Ruby and a static site generator called jekyll.